Inspired by pirates (cornwall connection) I have been thinking about flags and in connection to folk I have looked at the quilts of Gee’s Bend.  This drawing is inspired by a quilt maker: Loretta Pettway who used cottons and used mens clothing to make this particular quilt in 1960. 

Another idea behind the project is to take a holiday from your usual drawing style. I have a love of throwing the paint about and questioning the murpose of tools a bit. So, For this drawing I am taking direct influence from something that already exists (and seems pretty special already) and painting out in the way designs were created before computer design took over.

I am painting this out in Gouache, so far I am about two hours in as I have pre prepared all the colours. At the moment I am unsure how long it will take but suspect it will be the 4 hour drawing. Time will tell but here is the 1st stage. It is being painted onto stretched cartridge paper.



So this is the first of my doubling up time drawings thinking about place and folk. Still not sure where it will go but as a starting point I am putting Home / Yorkshire and considering Folk Art but am sure it will adjust over the next couple of weeks. My holiday this year is to cornwall so am keen to think about that trip in this project, would love to do pirates. So this first drawing os looking VERY quickly at quilts which links to some other work I am doing and the work of sailors who would make quilts and flags aboard ship.

This is a 4 minute drawing / looks like a design plan.