Drawing Blog Revision. 2016

This blog has now evolved to being a place for me to upload drawings. This blog has been rather quiet for the last 2 years due to the timing of starting a PhD. This PhD is practice based but has taken me away from drawing for a little while, now – I hope, it is back on a regular basis. This should be a weekly event as opposed to the previous daily posts.

Drawing Project Revision

So we have worked with the 150 drawings project for a few years now, this year we have decided to do something different.

Now we are simply asking for 10 drawings but the twist is the time spent on each drawing. Each drawing dounbles in time spent on it:

drawing 1: 1 minute

drawing 2: 2 minutes

drawing 3: 4 minutes

drawing 4: 8 minutes

drawing 5: 16 minutes

drawing 6: 32 minutes

drawing 7: 1 hour

drawing 8: 2 hours

drawing 9: 4 hours

drawing 10: 8 hours

The drawings can be done in any order and simutaneously if they wish. We have also provided a subject matter which is to create a ‘sense of place’ with a connection to folklore; heritage, customs, ritual.

As usual, I will be joining them and will provide updates on my own drawings so they will more often than not be drawings in process as opposed to a complete drawing on a daily basis.

Projects 2012 – 2014

Having set all my students a challenge for the summer, I decided (along with a number of colleagues) to join in the fun.

The intention is to do a drawing a day for 150 days, it is not necessarily about the time spent doing it (anything from 30 seconds to a couple of hours is fine) but about embedding the essential practice of drawing in daily lives.

Personally, I am a bit of a paper junky but am planning to utilise other technologies too.  I am obsessed with specific marks (when drawing) and hope to break away from these / question other aspects of the drawn mark.

Drawing daily for me is not usually a problem as I do this anyway, the challenge to me is to keep a regular blog which is something I have been wanting to do but never seem to give it enough priority in the day.

So, lets see how this goes…



Sketchbook Project


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the blog Nicola. I so want to join in but I’m not one of your students and I don’t have an iPad!

    Cheers, Susan St Lawrence

    As an aside, do you know about this drawing award/exhibition?

    International Faber-Castell Drawing Award exhibition
    13 July–21 October 2012

    A cooperation between Neues Museum
    in Nuremberg and Faber-Castell Company

    Neues Museum – State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg
    State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg
    Postal Adress: Luitpoldstrasse 5
    90402 Nuremberg, Germany
    Hours: Tue–Sun, 10–6pm; Thurs, 10–8pm

    T 0049 911 2402010


    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions you have made – I will follow these through.

      I am thinking that once the student segment of this project is complete (150 days part) that i might include a page which is about blogs from people who regularly blog about their own creative practice, if i do then I will include you.

      Thank you again and i look forward to watching your updates.


    • Thanks for having a look at my blog, I enjoyed your derby article and it came with a great sketch too. Your blog looks very interesting so I will be following your updates.

  2. thanks for following my blog. I love the project you have your students working on…i believe that drawing is an integral and underappreciated part of every art practice and should be taught as such. I’ll be following you.

    • Thanks Anne, it is so important and at the moment I’m really looking forward to seeing all the work they have have been doing over the summer.
      Personally I am currently setting up my first official (non-domestic) studio and getting into the thick of applications following an MA so am enjoying your perspective through your blog too – thank you.

  3. Hi thanks for liking my sketch book re visited post . I am amazed how by you finding me , I then find you … your blog looks great , I am going to spend a bit more time looking later , but the initial page looks fantastic. I hope I can keep myself disciplined to my sketching too.

  4. Wonderful idea! I considered doing the same exercise with the difference being that if I composed a song , once a day for months on end, perhaps I would improve as a songwriter. Alas, it is far easier and immediate to take pencil to paper. Back to the drawing board.

    • A full song sounds like a lot, could it work broken down into say do a 1 minute or 30 seconds? They main concept is not so much about producing a fantastic drawing each time (sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t) the point is more about getting into a daily habit, so it does not seem such a daunting thing when a drawing is required. Some love drawing, others find it a worry, this project often helps with this.
      Good luck with your project, sounds like a potential challenge. Thank you for your comment, its interesting to think the concept through in different disciplines.

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