Missing but still working…

It has been rather sporadic over the last month I’m afraid but it is time to get it all back on a daily track.
I have had a few lucky months in which I have been painting in a studio a few times a week, for some reason I did not upload these images. Will have a think about why not but I do intend to start putting a few of them up over the next few weeks. I must have made about 50 paintings in the last 8 weeks ranging from 10 x 10 cm to 80 x 120 cm (approx).
It has been a great and energetic experience but for various reasons I am now reverting to a more domestic setting with a studio back in the attic. It will be interesting to see if the work changes again as I had noticed a completely different type of work was emerging within the studio.
Anyway, that’s enough chitter chatter, back to uploading those drawings / paintings.


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